unpaid debts and loans

Unpaid Debts and Loans

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Unpaid debts and loans may be an issue whether you are an individual or business. 

Perhaps you have a neighbour or acquaintance who you lent money to but who has not paid you back. If that's the case, you should consult a lawyer to determine what legal remedy you have. You will want to make sure you consult a lawyer as soon as possible, to ensure that you do not miss any limitation period in Ontario. The right to sue for an unpaid debt does not last forever. Although you may wish to give somebody more time to repay you, you have to be careful that you don't give so much time that your rights to have your debt repaid is forever extinguished by the law of limitations. 

It is possible that you find yourself being sued for debt that you have already repaid or that you want to repay, but need more time to do so. If you have been sued, you need to take this very seriously. Do not ignore a claim filed against you or judgment can be made in your absence. Contact a lawyer immediately to help defend the claim.  Are collections harassing you for a debt you don't owe? Speak to a lawyer to find out what to do before it hits your credit score.

Debt Collections

If you are the owner or operator of a business, you will probably have numerous third parties who you deal with as part of running a business. From time to time, business relationships are not always smooth. If you find yourself needing a debt collection lawyer to deal with customers who have not paid their invoices, such as clients who have not paid you for goods or services provided, you should consult a lawyer to determine what you can do to have these amounts paid. Sufficient liquidity is key to running a successful business. Don't leave unpaid invoices or loans outstanding for too long or it may become increasingly difficult to collect these amounts later, particularly if the individual has left the country or has ceased doing business.

If you are a customer who has been faced with collections or a lawsuit claiming that you owe money, you should speak to a lawyer right away even if you feel that it is an easy case to win or that you have done nothing wrong. You will need to gather all the evidence you have in support of your position. Lawyers can help you present your evidence and the facts in the best possible way to help win your case. Lawyers have gone to court often and know what judges and juries are looking for when analyzing the case and the evidence.

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