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Being charged with a criminal offense may be frightening, confusing, and it is normal to feel uncertain about what lies ahead. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you will need a lawyer to assist you with defending these charges. The arrest and charge are the first steps in criminally prosecuting you. Your liberties may be restricted but this is just the beginning of the process. You may feel that the police investigation is incomplete. You may feel that the government will do anything to successfully prosecute you in court.

A criminal conviction can be devastating on your life. Afterwards, you may have difficulties securing a job. Travelling internationally may become difficult. Having a criminal record may affect different areas of your life that you may not have considered at this point. Because of that, you need to ensure that you have legal advice because defending yourself in court against experienced prosecutors may be extremely difficult.

One of the first steps upon being arrested is the bail hearing. At the bail hearing, you may need to show cause for being released back into the community. You basically only have one shot at bail. It is difficult to appeal a bail decision. A lawyer who specializes in criminal law can help increase the chance of you maintaining your liberty. They would have experience in negotiating an agreement along with presenting relevant case law for the Justice of the Peace to consider.

Criminal defense lawyers have experience defending various charges under the Criminal Code of Canada. Those charges may include:


Domestic Assault

Sexual Assault

Impaired Driving (DUI), Over 80 and Refuse Breath Sample

Aggravated Assault and Assault with a Weapon

Mischief Under $5000 and Mischief Over $5000

Uttering Threats

Criminal Harassment

Shoplifting / Theft Under $5000

Fraud and Credit Card Possession

Drug Possession and Drug Importing

Drug Trafficking

Homicides: Murder and Manslaughter

Firearms Possession and Other Gun Charges

Weapons Possession

Obstruct Police; Obstruct Justice

Fail to Comply with Bail

Bail Hearings and Bail Detention Reviews

Extradition Hearings

Victim Support and Assistance

Young Offenders

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