Frequently asked questions (for lawyers)

What is Key Legal?

Key Legal is a legal marketing company.  It provides an online platform for connecting potential clients with lawyers by generating quality leads. Our platform access fee is payable by the client to help us offset the costs of the platform, marketing and administration. We do not pay or charge any commissions or referral fees to lawyers or legal professionals. 


Why Key Legal?

An ever-increasing number of people are now using the internet to access the services they need and the demand is even greater now with the pandemic.  It is expected that post-pandemic, there will be an increased reliance on alternative service delivery methods for many professions. 


As an example, with family doctor visits, which traditionally have been an in-person activity, there has been a proliferation of telemedicine services that is quickly gaining popularity.


Similarly, there is an enormous opportunity for lawyers to increase their client base by using online services such as Key Legal.  There is no minimum time commitment required, so you can fit Key Legal into your own schedule and take on new client consultations whenever you're free.  


Does Key Legal get involved with the solicitor-client relationship?

No. Key Legal is not a law firm. It does not provide legal services. Key Legal has no involvement with the solicitor-client relationship.  As a lawyer, you are solely responsible for your interactions with clients.  Key Legal is a technology platform and lead generating marketing service.

Are Key Legal service providers considered employees of Key Legal?

No. Key Legal is a marketing and technology company, acting as a connector between people and service providers. As such, Key Legal does not employ lawyers or legal professionals; they are simply third-party service providers using Key Legal as a platform to generate new client leads.

They are not employees, contractors, agents, or otherwise in any employment relationship with Key Legal. Service providers use the Key Legal platform for marketing leads.

Each legal practitioner is solely responsible for the legal services they provide.  Current, valid malpractice insurance is a requirement to use the service. 

Is there a long-term commitment?

No, there is no long-term commitment. 


What do I need to join Key Legal?

You will need to be licensed with the Law Society of Ontario and hold valid LawPro insurance coverage. You will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use along with Privacy Policy, as amended, throughout your use of the platform.  These documents are also posted on our website.  If at any time you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use or Privacy Policy, you must stop using the service immediately. There are also additional terms that all legal professionals must agree to prior to being accepted onto Key Legal’s platform to provide services. 

Does Key Legal provide me with equipment to use?

No. Key Legal works on any computer or mobile device, which allows you to use your existing devices to conduct client meetings over telephone or Zoom.  

Do I need to be available for a minimum number of hours each month?

No, you can fit Key Legal into your life, not the other way around.  We don’t enforce a minimum amount of consultations each month, so you can take as many or as little consultations as you wish.  You set your own availability schedule.

How do I join Key Legal?

Please contact for next steps.